Senior Game UX Designer

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Location:Guangzhou /Hangzhou , China




Job Duties:

· Propose proper user interface solutions, based on game features.
· Define problems and propose easy-to-use solutions.
· Collaborate with teams of UI Designers, Artists, and Engineers, ensure the final quality of product.
· Effectively evaluate quality of user interface, make constructive suggestions for change.
· Deeply understanding of interaction design, expert professional skills.
· Excellent teamwork with game designers throughout the design process, deliver design ideas with UI Designer and Engineers.



· Bachelor’s degree or above; excellent ability to make design ideas to reality
· Excellent understanding of design methodologies, good aesthetics ability
· Above 2 years’ experience in mobile device UI/UX design area; independently charging for at least one · mobile app’s   design work
· Ability to grasp users’ requirement and logically analyze
· (Expert insights for user needs and logistics, excellent communication skills)
· Excellent visual, verbal and written communication skills
· Skilled in Photoshop, Illustration, Flash and other relevant software, Mastered in work flow, mockups · methodologies
· Passion for user-centered design; Passion for games
· Strong ability to learn, observe, and catch the latest design trends
· Multilingual preferred.