Senior UI Technical Artist (Senior UITA)

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Location:Guangzhou /Hangzhou , China




Job Duties:

· Work as a bridge between UI designers and programmers; Provide technical solutions and implement the UI design into the game;
· Cooperate with UI team and developer team to optimize the gameplay experience, animation timing, special effect, etc;
· Work with Ul team to create design prototype demo efficiently (display video/engine script animation, etc.);
· Set up standards and workflow of UI asset; find a balance between the product's visual quality and performance;
· Organize the art production process and coordinate with other stakeholders;
· Create Ul technically supporting team.



· Bachelor's degree or above in computer science, art or related majors;
· 3+ years of work experience as Technical Artist/Lead artist; Strong aesthetic sense and artistic sensitivity; · Knowledge of interaction design and usability;
· Extensive knowledge of computer graphics, scripting language; Knowledge of how front-end engineers work · and what they want to achieve in their work; Ability to work with front-end engineers and optimize tooling · environments for designing;
· Proficiency in at least one 3D game engine (Unity3d, UDK, UE4, CE3);
· Extensive Knowledge of the full art production workflow and related tools;
· Ability to organize art resources production process;
· Strong communication skills;
· Passion for new technologies and tools; Awareness of current technological trends;
· Extensive knowledge of art tools, such as PS, 3Dsmax, ZB, Xnorma, Speedtree, etc.
· Experience of 3D UI implementation is a plus; Chinese language skill is a plus.
· Note: For Portfolio, please provide us with a URL or PDF file.