Game Sound Engineer

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Location:Guangzhou/Hangzhou China




Job Duties:

1. Research and study the usage of varied audio production tools for game projects;
2. Study and get familiar with the usage of game engine and audio middlewares and be able to independently integrate related API into development tools;
3. Fully understand the needs and questions in all steps of audio production process to provide adequate technical support;
4. Provide technical support for building and optimizing the pipeline and practices of audio assets development;
5. Work out effective technical research timely for better game audio experience;
6. Constantly maintain development pipeline, practices and usage of engine tools based on changes in design, audio and programming of projects;
7. Compile and maintain technical documentation of docking function between game engine and audio middlewares and audio assets development;
8. Train new audio development members.



1. Good audio (sound effects or scoring) capability with high aesthetics judgement. Have a deep understanding of process and practices of audio assets development. (extensive experience is preferred)
2. Adequate knowledge of design and programming to better coordinate with them and solve technical problems between audio and programming.
3. Keep good communication with all team members with good logical thinking. Adept at leadership and self-management with strong self-motivation.
4. Proficiency in audio production tools, including ProTools, Cubase, Logic, etc.
5. Proficiency in at least one mainstream audio middleware: Wwise, FmodStudio, etc.
6. Familiar with at least one mainstream game dev engine: UnrealEngine, CryEngine, Unity3D, etc.
7. Familiar with at least one computer language: Python, C++, C#, etc.
8. At least 3 years’ game development experience and over 2 years’ audio technical experience. Experience in Wwise dev is preferred.