Lead/Senior Technical Artist

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Location:Guangzhou / Hangzhou .China




Job Duties:

Provide solutions to problems encountered during game art resources production and realization process in game engine according to the characteristics of the engine, so that artists would be able to focus more on art resources production.
1.Conduct researches on all types of tools in game art resources production;
2.Study and get familiar with all kinds of features and functions in game engine;
3.Fully understand the requirements and problems during art resources development, provide sufficient technical support;
4.Provide technical support for establishing and optimizing the pipeline of art resources development.
5.Conduct effective technical researches for better game art effect;
6.Constantly maintain game art resources developing pipeline, specification and usage of engine tools according to changes of game design, art or program;
7.Edit and maintain game engine features and technical documents of art resources development;
8.Train new art employees.



1.Good art skills and aesthetic ability, proficient in different game art resources pipelines and specifications;
2.Sufficient knowledge of game designer and programmer’s working pattern, be able to cooperate with them in project development, and assist in solving technical problems between art and program.
3.Have good communication with colleagues, good logical analysis ability, good at management and self-management, strong initiative to get things done.
4.Master 3D art production tools, include 3D Max, Maya, Zbrush, XSI, Photoshop and etc.
5.Master at least one mainstream game developing engine, such as UnrealEngine、CryEngine、Unity3D and etc.
6.Be familiar with at least one scripting language, such as MaxScript、UnrealScript、Mel and etc.
7.Master one programming language, such as C++, C and etc.
8.A minimum of 8 years’ game developing experiences and 5 years’ technical art experiences, those with famous next-gen game titles developing experiences are preferred.