Lead Game Designer

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Job Responsibilities: 
1. Assist the creative director to complete the game design documentation from concept to detailed design.
2. Lead and manage a team of game designers and ensure deliverables are produced on time and are of sufficient quality.
3. Work closely with the art, audio, programming, localization and QA teams to deliver high quality player experience.
4. Oversee the creation and implementation of game content such as levels, dialogs, item data and more.
5. Be involved in the recruitment process for new designers.
6. Contribute to designing and writing the setting for a new IP.


1. More than 8 years of experience in game design and/or at least three high quality RPG, Simulation or Strategy games shipped in a lead role.
2. Experience designing core game systems from scratch and producing detailed technical designs ready for the programmers to implement.
3. Have a hands-on attitude.
4. Possess good personal characteristics such as taking the initiative to solve problems, having the ability to collaborate well with people from other disciplines, contribute to a positive team spirit and be willing to mentor other designers and interns. 
5. Good command of written and spoken English.
6. Possess excellent project management and leadership qualities.

Desirable Qualities:
1. Having visited or lived in China before and/or having experience working with Chinese colleagues.
2. Experience in one or more of the following areas: System design, balancing, game economy design, narrative writing, interaction design, game scripting and procedural content generation.
3. Hold at least a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in any field.
4. Experience working with Unity.