Narrative Designer (Western Magic)

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Job Description 

1. Design the structure, copywriting and animation scripts of the plot system and gameplay.

2. Cooperate with the systems, gameplay, and marketing groups.

3. Design the worldview of the studio's new products (Western magic theme) and the IP-based structure.

4. Design the basic settings and art resources of map scenes, characters, cloth


job requirements

1. Passion in creative fields, and familiar with Western magical subjects is preferred.

2.More than 1 year of experience in game copywriting or other literary creation experience such as novels, scripts, etc. (Please attach your work with your resume)

3. Have a strong writing ability of world view structure and plot, and deeply understand the expression method of the core gameplay.

4. Have strong teamwork ability, competent multi-copy collaboration, and can work combined with the characteristics of the player audience.