Technical Artist (Graphics engineer,all-level)

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Job Duties:
-Conduct researches on all types of tools in game engines;
-Provide solutions to the technical art related problems during game art resources production.
-Optimize art workflow in the project,develop engine tools and plug-ins according to changes of game art or program;
-Provide technical support for establishing and optimizing the pipeline of art resources development.
-Conduct effective technical researches for better game art effect;


Job Requirement:
-Bachelor degree or above in Computer Science or Art related area; 
-At least 1-year experience in Technical Art experience; Or experience in 3D Graphics.
-Familiar with 3D Engines,such as U3D,Unreal Engine,etc.; Graphics Algorithms knowledge and programming language (e.g. C++, Python, etc.) is preferred
-Proficient in game art resources pipelines and specifications; Familiar with PBR process and Standards.
-Outstanding Learning Ability and Problem solving Ability is preferred.
-Familiar with 3D art production tools, DirectX3D, OpenGL, Render Pipeline,Shader.