Senior Admin Specialist

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Location:Los Angeles, CA, USA




Job Duties:

1. Arrange and coordinate daily administrative tasks of North American office, prepare and report relevant files, and facilitate communication.
2. Responsible for collection, reimbursement and documentation of expenses related to team-building, labor service and operation, and streamline relevant statistics.
3. Responsible for communicating with NetEase China offices, including but not limited to IT, financial team, legal department, and HR.
4. Serve as Point of Contact with suppliers, and handle contract issues.
5. Assist with office equipment application and daily supportive work.



1. Bachelor or above, more than two years of proven work experience as an administrative, assistant, data-related staff or a secretary will be a plus.

2. Good written and verbal expression skills, with capacity in statistical analysis and streamlining.

3. Clear in thinking, competent in communication and execution, and able to work independently.

4. Cheerful attitude with strong team-spirit, and adaptive to fast-paced IT industry.

5. Proficient in copy-writing and design tools (e.g. Photoshop) will be a plus.

6. Proficient in Chinese and English, and Chinese as the mother tongue will be a plus.