Community Manager (EVE Echoes)

Please send your resume


Location:GuangZhou, China





1. Define a global community strategy for EVE Echoes (e.g. engagement tactics, new ideas for social content);
2. Become a recognized advocate for the game and take active role in all initiatives targeting players;
3. Being the face of EVE Echoes and fronting all communication with the community;
4. Provide frequent insight about community sentiment, their wants and needs and bring feedback to developers;
5. Coordinate consistant messaging via all social platforms from multiple departments;
6. Provide players with the right tools to engage with developers and between themselves (e.g. forums, discord, FB, Twitter)
7. Host events and gatherings for the community to meet up and share experiences.



1. A passion for the gaming industry, and familar with EVE Online, or Sandbox / SLG games;
2. Strong knowledge of best practices for operating social channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc);
3. Excellent writing skills and verbal communication skills;
4. Self-motivated, detail-oriented team player and quality driven;
5. Strong problem solving skills;
6. Knowledge of online marketing; bachelor Degree in Communications or Marketing a plus.