Game Designer Intern (System)

Please send your resume

Location:Guangzhou, China



※Job description:

1. Follow up with the realization of system designs and events

2. Help with the game's localization and promotional events planning in Thailand

3. Help with designing the game's recharge system for Thailand


※Job requirements:

1. Familiarity with the MARVEL Universe; interests in gaming and knowledge about MOBA games

2. Excellent communication and other teamwork skills; Understanding of the importance of teamwork as well as workplace responsibility

3. Fluency with reading and writing in Thai along with the ability to communicate in Chinese or English in the workplace; Fluency in Chinese is preferred

4. No strict requirements on degree. Computer games/computer science/finance related degrees are preferred


※Length of internship:

3-6 months, 4-5 days per week. Onboarding expected between February - June, 2020