Video Production



Job Description

1. maintain adequate communication with products, internal links and suppliers.
2. independently manage the whole process of the project, responsible for following up and supervising the implementation of the project plan, timely coordination and resolution of problems encountered to ensure the smooth running of the project.
3. work with the director to discuss and undertake requirements with product planning, and promote the implementation of requirements.
4. cooperate with the director and link interface person to select outsourcing, collate outsourcing materials and evaluate outsourcing quotations.
5. develop detailed execution plans based on project production needs, including scheduling plans, manpower plans, and budget splits for all internal segments and suppliers.
6. pay close attention to the production and submission nodes of each project, identify slotting risks and develop response plans in a timely manner.
7. to have a comprehensive understanding of the project progress, closely follow up on the problems that arise in the project production and explore ways to promote them, and make good progress records and management
8. make judgments and warnings on additional production needs that are above budget or may pose a threat to the project schedule, and supervise the team in cost control.
9. coordinate staffing schedules, allocate resources reasonably, and adjust priorities and production order in a timely manner in response to project changes to ensure reasonable utilization of staff.
10. organizing various project meetings such as project requirement docking meeting, kick-off meeting, production plan meeting, regular meeting, etc., and doing a good job of grooming the key points and following up continuously.
11. to do a good job of recycling, filing and organizing project documents, sorting out and formulating a standardized folder hierarchy.
12. review the problems that occurred during the production process with the team after the project is completed and accumulate experience.


Job Requirement

1. 5 years of experience in film and animation industry production
2. Familiar with the whole process of 2D and 3D film and television animation production, with a rich knowledge base of film and television animation production
3. understand Maya and other mainstream three-dimensional production software, and be able to proficiently apply Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other office software to help improve the work efficiency
4. have strong communication and expression skills, good at handling interpersonal relationships
5. Solid project management skills, strong execution, responsible and team player
6. work carefully and meticulously, organized and rational
7. flexible and adaptable in the face of unforeseen situations
8. able to complete the work in a timely and efficient manner under high pressure, with a positive and optimistic working attitude
9. reliable and able to comply with industry and corporate ethics