Senior Level Artist



Job Description

  1. Analyze and develop high-quality game scenes based on the art direction and game concept and ensure compliance with quality standard, visual style and visual requirements.
  2. Develop, conceive and design the textureless scenes in the early stage of the production, polish and optimize the level art in the late production stage in conjunction with the art team and level designers.
  3. Analyze, develop, and optimize scene developments and ensure compliance with visual requirements.
  4. Analyze and develop requirements and feedbacks on scene related steps, organize assets production, animation SFX, etc. to provide scene content.
  5. Develop scene production and analyze pipeline and technical related challenges to develop solutions in conjunction with artists, programmers, TAs and designers.
  6. Mentor scene production members to reach artistic and technical targets.


Job Requirement

  1. 5+ years of professional experience in level art, production experience in AAA games, ability to produce assets. Experience in creating environment with UE4 and assets-related 3D production tools. Experience in overworld design is a plus.
  2. Good artistic background, deep understanding of environment related art fields like architecture, landscape, nature, solid understanding of layout, color and lighting.
  3. Familiar with Engine (level placement, scene management, building modules, shader usage, lighting, performance optimization, etc.), ability to solve technical issues with internal tools. Work with TAs and programmers to develop new tools and pipelines, profound understanding in performance optimization.