Post-Investment Strategy Manager (Risk Control and Compliance)



Job Description

- Sorting out the whole process of compliance requirements for USD funds and RMB funds, setting up the management process and regularly evaluate and continuously implement based on the actual needs of the business.

- Participating in the legal due diligence and fund documents negotiation and execution for the fund projects invested by the company.

- Participating in the post-investment management of the company's investment fund projects and coordinating the work of external agents and counsels.

- Conducting research, analysis and tracking of macro environment, policies and regulations related to cross- border investment and financing and capital market.

- Flexible work arrangements related to investment acquisition and business compliance.


Job Requirement

- Bachelor's degree or above with 5-10 years of working experience.

- Related experience in USD funds, family trusts or first-tier law firms.

- Solid practical experience in USD fund internal control compliance (qualification/FACTA/CRS/AML/KYC, etc.) and post-investment management.

- Familiarity with cross-border investment and financing and China Concept Stocks, knowledge of investment-related finance and taxation is a plus.

- Have sensitive business acumen and interest in macro policies, current affairs dynamics, and understanding of the Internet or video gaming industry.

- Strong sense of risk management and problem-solving ability with a strong sense of responsibility.

- Based in Singapore