Product Manager


Location:Los Angeles

Job Description

1.Responsible for the implementation, deployment and employee training of office collaboration products (including: IM, OA, project management software, etc.) of NetEase's overseas game studio.

2.Responsible for responding to and dealing with the use of office products reported by employees, can quickly locate problems and combine business scenarios and demands to provide employees with the best solution of the products.

3.From the perspective of overseas studio employees, provide product optimization suggestions to the internal team to improve employee satisfaction.

4.Be aware of the difficulties employees have in using products, accumulate domain knowledge, and form a knowledge base; cooperate with the production and research department to continuously improve the usability of the product and form product improvement documents.


Job Requirement

1.Bachelor degree or above, at least 3 years work experience. Computer, statistics and other related majors are preferred.

2.Fluent in speaking Mandarin and English, and experience in international cross-team communication is preferred.

3.Have relevant experience in the Internet or Consulting industry, have ability to quickly understand business capabilities, and have strong customer awareness.

4.Fluent in communication and expression, rigorous in logic, able to analyze and solve problems independently.

5.Have good teamwork, communication and learning skills, strong initiative and sense of responsibility.