System Designer

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Location: Los Angeles


Job Description

-Responsible for improving the player user experience of the product in the North American market, providing the product with a system design plan that focuses on the local players, responsible for the localization of module functions, and optimizing the system experience.
-Responsible for helping the R&D team's understanding of local users in North America. Including in-depth understanding of the game experience habits of local players, finding out the pain points of current products, analyzing local related competing products, and providing reference or optimization directions for product development.
-Be able to communicate across positions (including analysis reports, system design documents, and UI interaction plans). Work closely with the R&D team.
-Be able to build optimization plans for responsible modules based on user research and data, promote and optimize the landing effect in North America, and ensure excellent gameplay, core competitiveness, and user experience.


Job Requirements

-Familiar with and understanding the North American magic gaming theme.
-Sensitive to user needs and data, and independent online/testing data to optimize the experience.
-Innovative and passionate, willing to communicate and solve problems, good at thinking, summarizing, and refining.
-Proactive, team player and communication skills, good at communication and expression.
-Having experience in North American mobile games or MMORPG games is preferred, as understanding different game types, and having an in-depth understanding of player preferences in North America.