Lead Product Manager

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Location: Los Angeles


Job Description

-Coordinate the North American operation and distribution of the project, coordinate the cooperation of various internal departments, and maintain the stable operation of the
-Based on the North American market and user habits, formulate distribution and operation strategies and localize products. Including but not limited to version content planning and delivery control, in-game and in-game activity planning, user maintenance strategies, etc.
-According to the North American distribution and operation strategy of the product, guide the local operation and R&D team to innovate the product content;
-Market analysis, estimate and monitor various operational data, make recommendations based on data analysis;
-Cooperate with the support department to ensure a smooth connection between each platform tool and the game business, and make full use of and rationally optimize its functions based on operational needs.



Job Requirements

-3 years and above working experience in distribution and operations in North America, with the ability to plan and coordinate the work of members of various related modules;
-Understand the game distribution and operation process in North America;
-Passionate about the game industry and have a deep understanding of the major overseas game markets;
-Strong logical thinking ability, good communication ability, learning ability, and data analysis ability. Have a teamwork spirit, a strong sense of responsibility, and can withstand strong work pressure;
-Strong communication skills and team management ability.