Product Manager-Monetization

Contact Email:

Location: Los Angeles


Job Description

-You will work closely with the Monetization Director to take ownership of topics or tasks based on his/her guidance.
-You are the day-to-day contact for all internal teams when it comes to building and delivering monetization features.
-You are the product owner for key monetization features.
-Responsible for the management of the in-game offers such as the Store (items push, syncing with QA, pricing and sale management, asset pipeline…).
-You are the go-to member of the Live Team for day-to-day monetization topics.
-You will act in the day-to-day monitoring of key monetization KPIs, community sentiment and reporting.
-You will work closely with Design on progression, unlocks, economy and with Art on new content definition & production.
-You will collaborate with Finance & Producers on KPIs & Business Plan and with Live Ops/Data regarding new content & key KPIs.
-You will work closely with UI & Engineers regarding backend tools and with Marketing on asset production for new content.
-You will sync up with operational partners on monetization operations (content release, sales…) - digital sales, operational marketing, CRM, Customer Support; to ensure the day-to-day communication and promotions of monetization operations with these partners.


Job Requirements


-Junior to mid-level of XP in the industry, in an operational role.
-Data-centric and savvy is a must-have.
-Knowledge/experience of mobile, console, /F2P games is a plus.
-Some coordinating experience is a plus (ability to demonstrate capacity to sync work of multiple teams, circulate info…).
-Some experience or understanding of design/game economy a plus.