Player Experience Designer

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Location: Los Angeles


Job Description

-Responsible for improving the player user experience of the product in the NorthAmerican market, including strengthening the product R&D team's understanding of local users in North America; providing the product with an overall interactive solution to local players;
-Good understanding of the game experience habits of local players, including interactive physical examination design; be able to analyze and evaluate the structure of North American mobile games, and provide a reference or optimization directions for product development;
-Cooperate with domestic and foreign R&D teams, and will be responsible for the implementation of module functions in North America;
-Participate in research to improve localization design, and responsible for local competition research.


Job Requirements

-Bachelor's degree or above, with more than three years of interactive design experience in the game industry, familiar with the interactive features of mobile operating systems (iOS, Andriod);
-Proficient in using Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, and other related software, mastering interactive design methods such as flowcharts and wireframes;
-Have learning ability and logical analysis ability, can continuously learn and absorb the latest design trends;
-Proactive, a good team player, and communication skills;
-Experience in North American mobile and PC games (experience in mobile games and MMORPG games is preferred), understanding of different game types, and player preferences in North America;
-Have a deep understanding of the habits of North American users.