Director of Publishing-Japan

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Location: Japan


Job Description

Report to: Chief Marketing Officer

Director of Publishing and marketing is the most significant leader and founder within the Japan, focused on the establishment and enhancement of NetEase Games’ commercial & marketing strategies and activities that result in increased users, engagement, and revenues for NetEase Games Japan.


As a Director of Publishing, you will
· Establish Publishing and distribution departments for Japan from the ground up.
· Devise publishing strategies for NetEase’s Japan studios, including publishing timeline, distribution platform negotiation, branding strategy, and pricing strategy.
· Helps define go-to-market strategy and drive sign-off from leadership to ensure the marketing will be executed on schedule and on quality.
· Lead and continually enhance internal studio’s marketing meeting framework that best supports the go-to-market strategy and implementation across multiple game products, including Brand, Product Planning, Marketing, Product Management, Live Ops, Partnerships, Community & Competitive Gaming.
· Be the subject-matter expert when it comes to developer/marketing relationships process and engagement logistics.
· Explore user demand and develop new products for Japan, keep track of user needs and trends to explore new opportunities.


Job Requirements

· Proven experience within game or digital entertainment services industr.
· Strong understanding of game publishing and operations within Japan region.
· A deep understanding of the International Market landscape & cultural nuances, with ability to detail key regions & game consumer groups within those markets.
· Exceptional organizational, analytical & reporting skills.
· Experience in external partner relationship management.
· Strong communication skills with ability to work in a multinational and diverse market.
· A decent team player with strong ability to cooperate and work with remote cross functional teams.
· Practical knowledge of Console and Mobile centric marketing tools, platforms, and channels.
· Passion for video games and the entertainment industry.