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NetEase, Inc (NASDAQ: NTES) is a top online game developer and operator with a large business scope in China that includes independent R&D, operations and licensing, as well as a strong player, actively exploring global market and businesses. NetEase games are much loved and applauded by their players and the number of daily active users playing NetEase games continues to grow. NetEase Games has successfully launched many popular titles including Identity V, Knives Out, Rules of Survival, Onmyoji, Revelation Online and more.

With so many quality games under its belt, NetEase currently requires more channels of distribution to help expand its ever-growing user base. NetEase also hopes to increase its market share in the games industry while providing partners with sustained and stable high returns. NetEase already has a massive user base with an increasing disposable income. We believe that through the increase and loyalty of users, we can bring our partners substantial gains. We warmly welcome partners from all industries to utilize our competitive products and operational know-how to mutually gain from a successful partnership.


NetEase possesses a rich and high-quality mobile and PC game product lineup. We are currently seeking global marketing partners to explore opportunities in various overseas markets.

Seeking Partner:

Fully developed foreign market, possesses ample local resources on customer insights and foreign markets.

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Comment on, play and promote NetEase games on live streams and videos.

Seeking Partners:

1. Large live stream and video platforms.
2. MCN with KOL resources.
3. Game KOLs with considerable fan followings.
4. Seasoned gamers that are passionate about games and have yet to create their own brand.
5. Advertisers with high-quality gamer resources.

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Gain brand exposure and the mutual introduction of customers through the exchange and integration of bilateral resources. NetEase attaches great importance to cross-industry cooperation. We welcome top brands from all industries to inquire into and discuss a mutually beneficial partnership with us.

Seeking Cooperation:

Utilize the vast online/offline marketing resources and demographic coverage of NetEase games in events and joint advertising to increase publicity and sales for our partner’s products or services while also combining the online/offline channels of our partner to bring game-related products to gamers outside of the games. We seek to generate mutual benefits for both parties via introducing our player base to our partner's brand while also showing our partner's customers the appeal of games.

Partnership Resources:

A. NetEase Resources: Including but not limited to, game item packs, official game website ads, in-game presence, offline game events, etc.
B. Partner's Resources: Including but not limited to, the exposure of customized game products, partner's channels and media resources, event sponsorship, etc.
(Image list: hardware vendors, stream app, functional app, amusement parks, etc.)

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