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Mission Zero Releases Trailer for A New Map: The Museum of Civilization

Mission Zero | New Map Trailer:The Museum of Civilization


GUANGZHOU, China – (May 22nd, 2023) –NetEase Game's self-developed 2v4 competitive stealth mobile game Mission Zero has launched its new game video at the NetEase Connect 2023 with the debut of the new map [Museum of Civilization]. The new trailer disclosed new game scenes and interactions with the NPC. The map incorporates new elements such as new NPCs, further camouflage actions, etc. The new NPCs will bring more exciting pursuits and disguise experiences.


Mission Zero is a 2v4 competitive stealth mobile game featuring Escape Show. Players will play as [Spy] in Sirius Faction or [Hunter] in Mobius Faction for an intense escape. Blend-in and asymmetrical plays are applied in the game, perfect for friends to play together.


From prehistoric beasts to looking up at the stars, an Escape Show in the museum is ready to start!

In the game setting, the new map, "Museum of Civilization," is an essential architecture in the Sirius civilization. An ore containing great cosmic energy [Stardust Core] is exhibited in this civilization museum, which attracted wide attention. To get this ore, all sides disguise themselves as exhibitors in the crowd, secretly planning to steal the ore. The exhibition is now a "battlefield of fighting over the Stardust Core."

The game map is divided into four areas: the prehistoric "Dino Pavilion," the "Gallery" representing intelligent civilization, the "Culture Zone" symbolizing industrialization development, and the "Planetarium" exhibition of the vast universe. Exquisite modelling and realistic light effect restore the scene of a real museum. Players on the run can use the four areas' features to disguise themselves.



Knight armor or space suit? A disguise party for players!

In the video, all the officially announced characters debuted: Boxer disguised as the station's vendor, Hottie wearing medieval armor, Hacker wearing a cute dino costume, and the Rescue Team wearing a space suit. On top of all these, there are also robot-like NPCs for players to disguise themselves with. Players can find unique NPCs in each area. All the NPCs are equipped with new costumes and exclusive disguise actions, which can offer an immersive blend-in experience for players.

When intense and exciting pursuits are integrated into the entertaining escape shows, players can enjoy the fun and the tension at the same time. Beneath the surface of the escape show, a new round of infighting is about to be staged. The development team is expected to reveal more to the players in the future.


The game is still under development, and the subsequent specific testing timeline has yet to be public. More updates about Mission Zero will be available after the press release. Please stay tuned to the official website and social media.


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