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Justice Mobile Will be Released for Chinese Mainland on June 30th

Justice Mobile, the flagship wuxia MMO by NetEase, is about to launch in Chinese mainland on June 30th!

As an MMORPG featured with an expansive open world, Justice Mobile is committed to incorporating the strengths of its predecessor Justice Online, revolutionizing the MMO landscape by scrapping its conventional clichés, and making MMO great again! After 4 years of dedicated work and with 700 million yuan of investment, Justice Mobile will present our players with a Jianghu blessed with unbound interactivity. In addition to its captivating gaming experience, Justice Mobile is also free of extravagant top-ups and overnight grinds.



1.An Expansive Open World of Wuxia

In this expansive open world of wuxia, players can take their adventures among the enchantingly picturesque sceneries on the land of the Northern Song dynasty, immersing themselves in the hustle and bustle of jianghu's everyday life, and be a part of this world's love and hate tales. Here, one can interact with everything, as their sophisticated experiences are constituted by realistic ambiances of burgeoning flowers and greenery, nimble animals, and all walks of life.

Powered by artificial intelligence, NPCs in the game will be more lifelike. And every action taken by players may have an impact on the game plot, the open world's order, and NPCs' endings.


2. A Fun and Unbound Adventure Full of Surprises

In Justice Mobile, players can access various resources through exploration, enemy drops, and crafting. Rare equipment, powerful special skills, and materials are scattered throughout the game, awaiting their discoverers. With mechanisms such as “learning by stealing” and “self-mastery”, Justice Mobile breaks the ruts of the fixed and linear skill trees in traditional MMOs, enabling its players with complete freedom to forge their own battling styles.


3. Revolutionary Graphics

With state-of-the-art technologies that pioneer national and even global practices, Justice Mobile will present the world with industry-leading graphics, art designs, and music. The game features a panoramic weather system, global illumination, ray tracing, delicate algorithms for hair movements, a motion capture engine, mechanisms for generating vivid countenances, dynamic destruction physics, AI technology of deep learning, and an autonomous decision-making mechanism for NPCs. Empowered by these pioneering technologies and artworks, the jianghu in Justice Mobile pervades a quaint elegance of Eastern charm, with unique aesthetics that incorporate classic cultures and contemporary styles.


4. Invention of the “Every Path is the Right Path” Gameplay Mechanism

Players of Justice Mobile will have the freedom to choose various ways to enjoy the game. Anyone may select their preferred or skilled game style and modes of gameplay, such as instance dungeon, battle, and other leisurely ways of engagement. With diverse choices of gameplay, everyone can unleash their best potential. Each core mode of gameplay will guarantee players equivalent rewards or the vast majority (at least 80%) of rewards.


All the seemingly chance encounters are actually destined rendezvous. We look forward to meeting you on June 30th in Justice Mobile. Let's make MMO great again!

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