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Vikingard x King Arthur Special Holiday Event Brings Together Legendary British and Norse Heroes

The Knights of the Round Table will be teaming up with ancient Norse warriors as part of Vikingard’s King Arthur-themed holiday event!

GUANGZHOU,China–(Dec 11th,2023)–NetEase Games,the online games division of NetEase,Inc.(NASDAQ:NTES,HKEX:9999),is proud to announce the Vikingard x King Arthur special event,which will bring heroes from Arthurian legend into the game throughout the Christmas and New Year festive season.

Vikingard is a casual simulation RPG for mobile devices set during the Viking Age.You play as the leader of the Fharun clan,a Viking tribe that must explore and conquer to survive.In Vikingard,you will go on adventures in the ancient world,lead warriors into battle,grow crops,claim lands,and preside over trials like a true Viking chieftain.

The Vikingard x King Arthur event will occur from December 11,2023,to January 6,2024.In this thrilling new storyline,the Fharun clan is facing a catastrophic event,where their land is cursed by a magic spell,trapping it within an endless winter and threatening to end all life.The player must lead their clan on a quest to find the source of the curse.On their journey,they encounter Merlin and Gawain,who are on a quest to find the witch who cast the winter spell,as King Arthur is trapped in a magical sleep caused by the shattering of Excalibur in a frozen lake.

When the two groups encounter each other,the Viking clan and the fabled British warriors meet for the first time.A battle almost breaks out,with each believing the other to be the cause of the spell.The Volva of the clan stops the conflict,receiving a message from the gods,explaining that the warriors of Britain are not enemies but allies.The two desperate factions must join each other to seek out the witch,rescue King Arthur,and dispel the endless winter once and for all.

During the Vikingard x King Arthur event,players can summon new Legendary Hersirs from Arthurian legends,including SSS-level hero King Arthur and Merlin and Gawain.To restore the fabled monarch,the player must find the pieces of Excalibur and reforge them to awaken King Arthur from his slumber.Players can also collect stained glass paintings depicting King Arthur's life and recount the deeds that led to his ascension as ruler of Britain.

It’s not just about new warriors during the Vikingard x King Arthur event,as the game will feature a festive winter-themed interface and unique looks for the Hersirs,Pets,and Companions,each with a snowy aesthetic.These will help bring the spirit of the seasons to the Fharun Clan as they celebrate in their holdfasts and villages.There will also be new allies,including the powerful Frost Phoenix pet and a mysterious companion who can be found by offering tribute to a sacred Deer Fairy.

The Vikingard x King Arthur event marks the first time that the game will branch out into the histories and myths of other cultures,allowing the story and gameplay to explore new themes outside of Vikings.The arrival of King Arthur is a sign of a bold new storyline,proving that Vikingard may bring all kinds of surprises to players in the future.Make sure to download the game and follow its social media channels to learn more about the incredible events that will take place in Vikingard.


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