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Eggy Party Launches In More Countries In 2024 Alongside Outta This World Seasonal Events

In 2024,the Eggies are expanding worldwide via soft launches in new regions and visiting the stars in the Outta This World season.

GUANGZHOU,China–(Jan 8th,2024)–NetEase Games,the online games division of NetEase,Inc.(NASDAQ:NTES,HKEX:9999),is proud to announce that Eggy Party is soft launching in more countries in 2024,alongside the release of the intergalactic Outta This World season.

Eggy Party is a frantic and fun competitive multiplayer game for mobile devices,where players challenge each other in fun minigames on chaotic maps,all intending to be the last Eggy standing.There’s also a creative element to the game,with players able to build stages in the Eggy Workshop,share them online,and deck out their Eggies in flashy gear.

Eggy Party is already a smash hit worldwide and will soon be arriving in new countries.On January 5th,Eggy Party announced its soft launch in Canada,Denmark,Finland,Mexico,Norway,Spain,and Sweden.These versions of the game will have access to English and Spanish as language options.You can download the game now on the App Store and Google Play.

To download the game(Soft Launch region):

All of the new Eggy Party players from the regions introduced in the soft launch will also be able to participate in the Outta This World seasonal events alongside players in other countries.The Outta This World season will run from January 5th,2024,to February 23rd,2024.Those who take part in the seasonal events will be able to earn all kinds of sci-fi goodies.

When the Outta This World season begins,it will bring eight brand new stages to Eggy Party.These include the Lunar Adventure,Space Station Escape,Ring Track,and more!There will also be the Outta This World Season Mystery Box,where players can pull special gear,like Vidi,the Mechanic;Lycra,the Astronaut;Bay,the Space Captain;and more!There are also total top-up benefits,as topping up during the Outta This World season will result in rewards,with up to 66 Shiny Coins available for you to claim.


Avid Eggy Party players can also win even more special gear by purchasing a Party Pass.With a Party Pass in hand,players who participate in Activity Tasks will earn great rewards and outfits,including Bert,the Inventor;Crunchy,the Radish Gardener;Blast,the Dean of Corn;Dumber,the Rookie,along with extra Shiny Coins and Egg Coins.If you still have experience remaining from the Dino-Egg Island Tour Season Party Pass,it will automatically be converted to Fashion Badges during server maintenance.

With the arrival of this space-faring season comes the Outta This World Season Activity Tasks.Completing the seasonal event tasks will unlock rewards,including outfits and accessories,such as the Inventor Glasses and Treasure.The players who want to participate in the ultimate challenge can compete,as the Outta This World Seasonal Ranked Party is on!Those who complete Egg Rank Tasks can obtain free gear like the Marathon Outfit,Studded Bag,and Space Walk Avatar Frame.

A special event in January will give players a chance to win the Meow-meow Sprout outfit.From January 5th,players can try to win the adorable outfit,with each attempt costing 1 Shiny Coin.The rules involve spending Shiny Coins to get to the finish line,which will unlock special rewards,including extra Shiny Coins,Bottle Caps,Fashion Badges,Mystery Box Dye,Accessory Dye,and the Meow-meow Sprout Outfit!

The artistic Eggy Party fans also have a special event tailored to their interests,as the New Year Map Creation Contest is underway.This event will run until January 11th,2024,and it will focus on the fun maps made by the community,with the best being rewarded with unique gifts.

To participate,create a map fitting the theme,then share it with the hashtag#NewYearMapContest in the description.Then,post the map details with an attached screenshot in the dedicated channel in the Eggy Party Discord Channel.The top 20 maps with over 50 likes will receive Egg Coins,while maps with over 10 likes will receive 100 Fashion Badges,so make sure to check it out.

The players from the new regions will also have a chance to take part in the Eggy Party x Bubble Eggs crossover,which is returning to the game.This event brings the adorable Bubble Eggs to the Eggy Island,including a new limited-time outfit–Rainbow Bubble Egg!Throughout this event,you will also receive a 20%discount when purchasing Bubble Eggs and Rainbow Bubble Eggs!

"2024 will undoubtedly be a massive year for Eggy Party,as we anticipate a larger influx of players into the Eggyverse than ever before,"stated Demi Yan,NetEase Games Senior Global Publishing Director."As the game continues to grow,we can expect more exciting new seasons like Outta This World,along with even more crossovers with renowned franchises to deliver an enhanced and enjoyable gaming experience to our players."

Things are just heating up,so download Eggy Party from the App Store or Google Play and follow the game on its official social media channels to become part of one of the most eggscelent games of the year.

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