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Infinite Lagrange celebrates Earth Day 2024 with special Forest and Ocean Conservation Operation event

The citizens of outer space still care for their homeworld in Infinite Lagrange,as they’ll be working hard to help nature on Earth Day 2024.

GUANGZHOU,China–(April 16)–NetEase Games,the online games division of NetEase,Inc.(NASDAQ:NTES,HKEX:9999),is proud to announce Infinite Lagrange’s Earth Day 2024 event,which will honor the real-world celebrations,with activities and rewards available for those who take part.

In the far future of Infinite Lagrange,humanity has colonized the stars thanks to incredible technology and ships that can ferry people to distant worlds.While pioneers and space farers might seek their fortune in other galaxies,their commitment to Earth remains true.To honor their origins,various organizations,and enthusiasts come together to express their love for the motherland of all humanity.

Earth Day 2024 will take place on April 22,and the residents of Infinite Lagrange will be celebrating in the digital world at the same time as those in the real world,with events running from April 17 to May 6.In 2024,the focus of Earth Day shifts to the oceans as water pollution becomes a global-scale crisis,threatening ecosystems vital to human life.Humanity's shared goal is to protect and safeguard maritime security during this time.

Infinite Lagrange will host a nature-themed plant growth event

During the Infinite Lagrange Earth Day 2024 celebrations,players can participate in the Crux Biosphere Research Park Planting Experiment.This will occur in the Crux Biosphere Research Park in the City of Antontas,which runs from April 29 to May 6,where an incredible tree-planting experiment will occur.

Explorers who participate can plant seeds from various plants,all coming from different habitats and flourishing in other seasons.It’s up to Explorers to make group decisions to determine the course of nature,altering parameters like lighting,precipitation,and temperature.Depending on the final results,Explorers will earn Ecology Points,depending on the plans that are grown.These Ecology Points can be spent on emblems,liveries,and other unique items.

The Warp Bells invite Explorers home for a special event

The City of Antontas will be a gathering point for Explorers throughout the universe.From April 17–22,ships will be called home by the ringing of the Warp Bells,welcoming everyone back to their original homeland.The sound of the Warp Bells will be sent to people across the Lagrange Network,inviting them back for Earth Day.

During the Warp Bells,players are encouraged to attend,listen,and talk with each other to learn more about their fellows and all that’s occurring in the natural and digital worlds.Those who participate in the 20,000 New Saplings Joint Conservation Operation earn the“Eco Guardian”title and a chance to receive limited-time emblems and Proxima Coins as gifts.

Infinite Lagrange’s is adding Ranger Cruiser Blueprints

In Infinite Lagrange,the Earth Day Trade Fair is a long-standing tradition.From April 17-23,an exclusive Earth Day Pack will be released during this event,alongside the Blueprints for Ranger Cruises:Comprehensive Warfare Cruiser and Heavy Ion Cannon Cruiser.These are potent vessels in combat situations,giving players many options in more complex battles.

The Ranger–Comprehensive Warfare Cruiser features an enhanced bow-mounted heavy cannon system and a comprehensive projectile launching system.These traits make it highly effective against small ships and enemy air units.

The Ranger–Heavy Ion Cannon Cruiser features the Gamma Storm Super-Heavy Ion Cannon integrated into the ship's bow.This makes it capable of directly striking large vessels to deal a ton of energy damage via precise strikes.

"We believe in the power of collective action to address the pressing environmental challenges we face.”Stated Matt Liu,Head of NetEase Games Overseas Publishing,“With the Infinite Lagrange Earth Day event,fans will have the opportunity to unite and gain deeper insights into our planet's situation.We invite all our players to join and celebrate the significance of protecting our planet."


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