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SCP-inspired Open-World Survival Game 'Once Human' Opens for Mobile Pre-Registrations

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Once Human,a SCP-inspired cross-platform open-world survival game developed by Starry Studio,announces its global mobile pre-registration opens on May 22nd,2024 with the expectation to bring players a gaming experience without the constraints of space.After a recent closed beta test for PC which drew in over 200,000 participants,players can now pre-register for the mobile version on the game’s official website,App Store,or Google Play and receive pre-registration rewards that includes weapon skins,special furniture,and the limited Dragon Fist Gloves after the official launch.

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With its enthralling blend of supernatural elements and striking,unconventional designs,Once Human has captivated audiences worldwide.A staggering 13 million players have already pre-registered for the game,propelling it to become the 12th Most Wishlisted game on Steam.

The recent closed beta test drew in over 200,000 players,leading to the creation of thousands of gameplay videos on YouTube and TikTok,along with over 5.7 million hours of Twitch views.Presently,an eager community of over 400,000 global players on Discord eagerly anticipates Once Human's upcoming launch later in 2024.

In addition to its popular PC version,Once Human's mobile iteration provides a seamless,cross-platform experience tailored to the mobile gaming ecosystem.Whether engaging in shooting,crafting,or vehicle driving,the intuitive UI interaction ensures players can effortlessly access desired functions.Upon its official launch,the mobile version will enable players to relish the survival experience offered by Once Human without the constraints of space,thanks to its cross-platform compatibility.

Once Human is an SCP-inspired,cross-platform open-world survival game that stands apart from other post-apocalyptic titles due to its unique supernatural setting.Set in a world ravaged by Stardust,the game immerses players in an environment where both creatures and objects have undergone diverse mutations.From misty swamps to desolate deserts,and snow-capped mountains,the diverse landscape of Once Human is host to powerful and extraordinary beings such as The Wanderer,a formidable walking bus armed with searchlights and gatling guns.Players can forge alliances and construct Territories while collecting vital resources to endure the challenges of this perilous world,all the while remaining vigilant against sneak attacks.

As a free-to-play game with extensive long-term update plans,Once Human empowers players to tailor their experiences to their liking.From facing off against PvE World Bosses to engaging in PvP content that incites pillaging and plundering,the game offers a myriad of gameplay options.Additionally,survival challenges are in the pipeline,where players will contend for scarce resources in an intense and immersive competitive environment.

Pre-register for Once Human now to obtain weapon skins,special furniture,and the limited Dragon Fist Gloves in the open beta test.Go to the App Store/Google Play or add Once Human to your Steam Wishlist for the latest info.

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