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Rebel Wolves Secures Strategic Investment From NetEase Games


Warsaw, Poland - November 3rd, 2022 — Rebel Wolves, the development studio launched in early 2022 by industry veterans of the Polish AAA games community, announced today that it has secured a strategic investment from NetEase Games, one of the world's leading developers of mobile and PC games.

“We’re delighted to welcome NetEase Games as our new shareholder and partner. Having one of the leading global game companies get behind our vision is a great confidence boost and validation for the entire team at Rebel Wolves,” said Konrad Tomaszkiewicz, CEO, Game Director, and Co-Founder. “Funding provided by NetEase was the last missing piece needed to go full throttle. With resources available to build a world-class AAA game, we can now focus on what matters most: development.”

Announced in February this year, the studio attracted attention from media and gamers alike and has an ambition to create original IP in the single-player, narrative-driven RPG genre. The founding team has extensive experience in building acclaimed and best-selling RPG games, including The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and Cyberpunk 2077.

"It's exceedingly rare to have the opportunity to work with all-star team from the beginning of their journey. Everyone at NetEase Games has been an admirer of the Rebel Wolves team and their previous work. We quickly discovered our common passion for making great games and their long-term vision for creating a sustainable and creative studio aligns with our strategy of incubating talented creators who are passionate about gaming.” - said Simon Zhu, President of Global Partnerships and Investments, NetEase Games. “We look forward to having a fruitful collaboration with Rebel Wolves and can’t wait to see how the team will leverage their extensive experience to create even more immersive games enjoyed by fans all over the world.” - continued Zhu.

With a minority stake acquired by NetEase Games, the Warsaw-based studio remains operationally independent and retains full creative control and ownership of their new IP under development: a dark fantasy RPG with a focus on storytelling and accommodating the players’ choices. Rebel Wolves are actively recruiting for all development positions supporting remote work, on-site, or a hybrid model. All openings are listed on the studio’s website at

“We are committed to the idea that ‘the team comes first’ and it guides our decisions on work arrangements, office design and internal communication. The founding team strongly believes that games can be made in a better way, without burning out and tossing aside the people who created them with real passion and love” - concludes Konrad Tomaszkiewicz.


About Rebel Wolves

Rebel Wolves aims to blaze new trails in the CRPG genre, creating games with complex narratives and a strong emphasis on players' agency. Founded in 2022 in Warsaw, Poland, by industry veterans, who co-created some of the most acclaimed RPGs of the past decade, the studio teems with talent and ambition.

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