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Identity V's Call of the Abyss V tournament Starts on Dec 23rd

Shining Color Out of Space

GUANGZHOU, CHINA, December 23rd, 2021 - Indulgent playing, noisy neon lights and the endless nights …. Welcome to Metropolis! NetEase’s asymmetrical battle mobile game Identity V will launch its fifth event [Call of the Abyss V] (COA5) on December 23rd. You are invited to join this carnival and get drunk in colors shining out the space.

[Call of the Abyss V] is the top e-sports event of the Identity V, open to six major regions, including Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Japan, Republic of Korea, Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States, attracting top players to compete through many stages of wonderful competition. The final contestants will join in the same arena to compete for a total of 4 million RMB awards.

Meet the Schedule and Get Ready for the Carnival

The Fifth Ceremony [Call of the Abyss V] is divided into four phases in the following sequence: [The City of Lights], [Neon Corridor], [Ethereal Theatre], and [Color Out of Space].

[The City of Lights] is the Registration Phase that will commence from December 23, 2021 to December 30, 2021. Club Captains can register for their clubs for free, and their club members are eligible to participate in the grand event. (All members of the Summer IVC Japan/Fall IVC Japan/IVC-Southeast Asia Champions shall be in the same club).

[Neon Corridor] is the Preliminary Phase that will commence from December 30, 2021 to January 13, 2022. Registered clubs will compete with each other to earn various event-exclusive rewards. Unregistered clubs/individuals can also earn their portion of the rewards. Clubs competing in [Neon Corridor] battles will earn points, and the top 50 clubs from Japan, Republic of Korea, Hong Kong & Macau & Taiwan, Southeast Asia, and NA-EU will advance to the [Ethereal Theatre] phase.

[Ethereal Theatre] is the Playoff Phase that will commence from January 13, 2022 to January 20, 2022. The top 50 clubs from Japan, Republic of Korea, Hong Kong & Macau & Taiwan, Southeast Asia, and NA-EU that advanced from [Neon Corridor] will compete for points in [Ethereal Theatre]. The top 8 non-seeded clubs from each competing division will receive additional rewards and be invited to the Online Qualifiers. (If a seeded club is unable to participate, the invitation will be extended according to the rankings.)

[Color Out of Space] is the Ranking Announcement Phase that will commence after maintenance on January 20, 2022. The top 8 clubs in each [Ethereal Theatre] division will be invited to participate in the following Call of the Abyss V Online Qualifiers.

Get Indulge in Gratuitous Pleasure and Get Lost in a Strange Island

Welcome to Metropolis! In this capital of eternal night, there are endless lights and drinks. Tailor-made services by the media and entertainment industries make people unable to think. The only thing you can do is get indulged in pleasure and depravity, and completely become a part of the city. However, if you refuse to succumb to degeneration, you might discover the jaw-dropping secret of the metropolis: The city's colorful neon lights hide an enigmatic creature known as the "Color Out of Space." They attract and alienate countless people who have fallen into pleasure, making them lose themselves and become tools. Nevertheless, knowing the truth is far from enough. The time you wake up from your desires, you begin to despair.

Identity V’s [Call of the Abyss V] is set at the everlasting Metropolis, waiting for you, in the light of "Color Out of Space.", to sink into abyss together – or to change it forever.

At the Frontier of Fashion, the Night Never Ends

With the opening of the COA 5, the cutting-edge fashion from the metropolis has spread out. The controllers use entertainment to paralyze their citizens, manipulate public opinion to deceive the emotions of the public, and cover one lie with another, while the awakened ones stick to the only promised land, with grandiose resistance, lonely warnings, and hidden editing, trying to stimulate the nerves of the lost. The conformers are gradually captured by the brilliance of neon lights and eventually drifted into tools of the city. In this city, which represents desires, will fail to hide the decadent truth even with the most gorgeous clothes in the end.

[Call of the Abyss V] of Identity V will be open on December 23rd. Now go register at COA5 reservation page and get more details and get 3 COA5 Abyss Treasures as a reward. You can also check the following amazing costume in the COAV Abyss Treasures, which including the S costume of Geisha-Eternal Aurora, A costume of Enchantress-Tabloid, A costume of First Officer-Pirate Radio, A costume of “Prisoner”-Auditorium, A costume of Forward-Neon Vanguard and A costume of Postman-Paperboy to feel the Metropolis vibe.

Register at the website as follows:

The neon in the city is on in the twinkling of "Color Out of Space.", will you stay awake or stay drunk? Let us start this journey, follow the call of the abyss to find the answer in your heart.


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