Mobile Shooter Disorder Opens Server in Americas Today Story of Prometheus Reveals


GUANGZHOU, China -- April 10th, 2020 -- Disorder is a competitive team-play shooter game set against a background of war and destruction. Developed by NetEase Games, Disorder has attracted much attention from shooter game players and war story enthusiasts since it was launched on mobile and tested on PC in Southeast Asia this March. Disorder is today announcing its launch in the Americas. Along with the regional releases, a brand new story line CG “Prometheus” is also being revealed.

Experience the intense battle now by entering:

The Development team is dedicated to bringing players a new mobile shooting experience. Besides continuously optimizing the game, Disorder has previously released story line videos featuring the three military factions in setting:

“Ghost Puppets”, “Cadaver Unit” and “Pale Knights”, offering glimpses into the intricate relationships between the characters and the depth of the world of Disorder. The newly released “Prometheus” further reveals the mystery of the game’s character with the same name.

In this carefully crafted CG, “Prometheus” is not only the code name for one of the characters, but a metaphor that the development team of Disorder has carefully chosen for the newly revealed story. In the worldview of Disorder, the Pale Knights controls the flow of all nuclear weapons, with the idea of "the last flame that guards the human order". Ralph, also known as Prometheus, was punished for a generous act. He turned away and joined the opposing forces of his own -- the Cadaver Unit. Yet there left a bigger mystery. Let’s find out all together as the battle begins in Disorder.

Players who join the game will be able to enjoy the following features:

New Gaming Mode Isle of the Death Opens

The variety of game-play modes is one of the highlights of Disorder. Previously, the Offshore ULF, Single Base Battle and Multi-Base Battle game modes were made available. Players can design numerous team attack strategies based on the mode of choice, and match weapons and talent upgrade schemes, so as to get a unique and exciting experience in each round as well as enjoy the diverse possibilities of combat.

The newly introduced Isle of the Death, also known as "The Garden of Earthly Delights", is an isolated prison island surrounded by the high seas, which for many years has served as the private extrajudicial penitentiary of the Pale Knights.

In the Isle of the Death mode, there will be six 5-player teams entering each game. They will be trapped on the sinking Isle of the Death. The only way to survive is to enter the radiation area to find an escape point. The teams need to fight around the Power level, which is the only thing that can guarantee them safe access to the radiation area.

Rich in-Game Bonuses for the Launch

The S0 season starts the moment the game launches. Exclusive skins, rare characters, rechargeable batteries and other season pass benefits are unlocked. Soldiers ranked at the top of the charts will have better opportunities to get exclusive avatars.

During the same period, five major opening bonuses are available:

1. From 2020.4.10 to 2020.5.13, 12:00 - 14:00 (UTC-4) and 20:00 - 22:00 (UTC-4) are the prime times. Double credit points (game currency) are awarded for completing prime time matches.

2. From 2020.4.10 to 2020.4.23, when a specific number of troops have gathered or the total number of bases captured reaches the optimal level, players will unlock the full-global supply bonus.

3. Strive for excellence. During the event period (2020.4.10 - 2020.5.10), players will be rewarded according to the ranking of their number of wins in all modes on a weekly basis.

4. Between 2020.4.10 and 2020.5.14, after completing their daily missions, players can accumulate battlefield MEDALS, which can be exchanged for generous rewards such as Commemorative Title of Server Open, fashionable skin coupons, Character Trial Cards, etc.

5. Between 2020.4.10 and 2020.5.14, the mall will sell various supply bundles for a limited time, and players can get an extra 50% discount with their first top-up.

The first step to all the fun is to join the battlefield!

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