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Infinite Lagrange: Assemble and voyage Two Powerful Ships are Ready for Debut

GUANGZHOU, CHINA, June 22nd, 2022 - Sci-fi Grand Space Simulation Infinite Lagrange, the game with original mass world view, has released updates with two new ships today. The FSV830-FAST COMBAT SUPPORT SHIP with new support and supply mechanism and the SL9 Heavy Torpedo Corvette with special combating firepower are now available to explorers.


The super capital ship with self-holding ability that shortens supply line during the war.

Support ship is one of the most ancient ships throughout the space exploration history of human beings. The newly joined FSV830-FAST COMBAT SUPPORT SHIP is the peak of design of military support ship by human beings, equipped with unique strategic and tactical features. It is self-sustainable even far away from the bases and able to supply, maintain, and even produce small ships independently.

Equipped with a BSY-7000 Large Docking Jetty, FSV830 also has the onboard mining UAV which is capable of cutting and refining minerals to carry out rough processing while collecting, resupplying itself in the meantime, and directly extracting minerals from resource nodes to the fleet storage. Facing the rapidly changing space warfare, it can also produce in remote, greatly improving the fleet's combat capability and survivability.

The FSV830-FAST COMBAT SUPPORT SHIP is self-sustainable and able to supply, maintain, and even produce. Flexible in suppliance and prompt in response. It is the cutting-edge ship with great empowerment for every commander of the fleet.

The SL9 Heavy Torpedo Corvette

The flexible aircraft with reciprocating attacks

The SL9 Heavy Torpedo Corvette was designed by the top ship designers in the solar system– the SL9 Shipyard. The SL9 Heavy Torpedo Corvette's Airborne Bombardment System includes three "Supernova – M"-AT-3-210M Torpedo Bombardment Systems, which were modified from the Fighter firepower system. Only due to fighter’s limited carrying capacity, it was finally carried by the Escort Corvette with stronger carrying capacity, offering the firepower “Dimensional reduction firepower”.

Hitting the enemy with unexpected torpedo attack, the SL9 Heavy Torpedo Corvette adopts the fighter combat logic: reciprocating attack, shuttling flexibly between the enemy's rear area and our supply line. This feature can greatly enhance its survivability on the battlefield, presenting a strong comprehensive combat capability. The SL9 Heavy Torpedo Corvette is ship officers’ smart choice as a stable and all-round combat power supplement.

Explorations to the long-distance galaxy will bring endless opportunity and wealth, as well as disputes and sacrifices. Two newly joined ships will be your power guarantee of successful battles throughout the exploration. What behind the stargate are human’s endless imagination of the space. All explorers are welcomed to pass the Lagrange Gate to write the history of space exploration.

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