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Establish a Fleet Core for Diverse Tactics —Analysis of the New Flagship Gameplay of Infinite Lagrange

GUANGZHOU, CHINA, November 30th, 2022 - In order to pay tribute to all Explorers who explore the void of Deep Space and further improve fleets' cooperation and collaborative capabilities, a technological revolution is sweeping all major star systems in the Infinite Lagrange universe. Once this technology becomes stable and mature, Explorers will be able to configure the core of their fleet—the flagship.

Command Core of a Fleet

The flagship is the command center of a fleet. Through the Command and Coordinate functions of the information chain technology, Explorers can synchronize information and control the entire fleet's fire control, actions, situational awareness, and other systems to make a fleet composed of multiple ships act orderly as one.

After applying the flagship technology, the Explorer's fleet will assign a ship as the flagship according to the Explorer's Command Points by default. Explorers can make adjustments to their flagship later when creating the lineup, such as by appointing another ship that has flagship skills as the flagship, but each fleet can only have one flagship.

Diverse Flagship Effects

In theory, all ships other than Utility Ships and Aircraft can be appointed as the flagship. Explorers will soon realize that different ships offer a variety of boosts other than conventional fire-focusing skills when being a flagship.

Some powerful ships can provide continuous buffs to other ships when they are appointed as the flagship. Some flagships even have special strategic abilities that make it easier for the fleet to perform specific tasks. For example, when the Solar Whale - Armed Tactical Carrier is appointed as the flagship, the fleet can make long-range strategic attacks, and when the NOMA M470 - Heavy Landing Ship is appointed as the flagship, enemies will be unable to evacuate for a certain period of time after they are attacked.

Outstanding Explorers will choose the best flagship for the mission based on its conditions and combat environment to make the most of its abilities. Tech Points can also be used to enhance flagship skills.

Rich Strategic Depth

With the arrival of flagships, galactic fleet battles will become even more strategic. Explorers will be able to use new map commands and special flagship skills to make their fleets execute more diverse blockade, camouflage, and ranged guard strategies to achieve their strategic intentions.

The addition of flagships injects vitality into the entire fleet, allowing Explorers who have a reasonable assortment of ships in their fleet to achieve various maneuvers and tactics with their functions and effects. Infinite Lagrange is now inviting all Explorers to embark on a journey to explore the universe, form an interstellar fleet, devise varied tactics, and conquer the vast sea of stars.


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