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ZOZ: Final Hour Unveils in New Regions

Players in Bolivia, Colombia, Malaysia, Mexico, and Peru will be able to experience the game, joining players in Brazil, Indonesia, and Singapore.

GUANGZHOU, China – (January 4) – NetEase Games, the online games division of NetEase, Inc. (NASDAQ: NTES, HKEX: 9999) is proud to announce that the ZOZ: Final Hour will be available in more regions since January 12 and players will be able to take part than ever before. ZOZ: Final Hour is a third-person shooter with a twist set on the streets of San Yagar, a city that has been overrun by zombies, where they must complete missions and escape intact. Players must always watch their six, as they face hordes of zombies that roam the streets, as well as other players that might decide to betray them at the last minute, to steal all of the glory.

In ZOZ: Final Hour, players take on the role of Mercs, who are soldiers that have been tasked with exploring San Yagar and extracting a substance known as Blood Crystals, which may hold the key to stopping the undead menace. The streets of San Yagar are crawling with zombies and players must use their weapons and special skills to overcome the superior enemy numbers. It’s not just the zombies that are a threat, as players can betray each other and take the spoils of victory for themselves, but this comes with a risk, as dead players rise as Zombie Mercs with their unique abilities. The Zombie Mercs mechanic means that the match doesn’t end when a player is killed, as it gives them a chance to get revenge on players who betrayed them.

ZOZ: Final Hour has been launched in Brazil, Indonesia, and Singapore with a huge success and the time has come to begin the next stage of the game’s development. ZOZ: Final Hour on Android devices will kick off on January 12 and this time, players in Bolivia, Colombia, Malaysia, Mexico, and Peru will be able to take part, joining players in Brazil, Indonesia, and Singapore. The audience will be even bigger than before and these new players will have the chance to show off their skills on the battlefield.

The new move of ZOZ: Final Hour is more than just an expansion of the player base, as both the gameplay experience and the graphics have been improved. The Merc combat experience and development routes have been optimized, to shake up the gameplay and give players access to their powerful special abilities at different points in the match. The objectives in each mission have also been made clearer, with a greater focus on increasing the pace of each game and making things more exciting for players. The reception to ZOZ: Final Hour was overwhelmingly positive during the first beta test and we welcome even more players to participate in the game during the second beta test. ZOZ: Final Hour is still in active development and players who take to the streets of San Yagar during the second beta test will have the chance to shape the final version of the game.

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