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Pre-registration is now open for Ace Racer, a new mobile racing game scheduled to be officially released on March 16!

Drive over walls, transform vehicles, and run wild with no-holds-barred moves! Burn the Race, be the Ace!

GUANGZHOU, China – (February 13th, 2023) – NetEase Games has announced that its new and exciting mobile racing game, Ace Racer, will be officially released in Japan, North America, South Korea, Hong Kong/Macau/Taiwan regions, and Southeast Asia on March 16 (Thursday), 2023. A pre-registration campaign featuring great in-game rewards is also starting today.

[Burn the Race, be the Ace!] A new racing experience with unique features

Ace Racer is a new mobile racing game where players compete against each other making full use of various skills. While precise controls and fast gameplay are characteristic of this title, the performance of the cars alone is not the only key to attaining great results.

Each machine has its own unique features, such as being able to flash through walls or transform, making it possible to freely drive all over the place beyond what is normally allowed, which is one of the game’s main attractions.

Additionally, the visuals and sounds of the skills have the exhilarating feeling of arcade games of years gone by. Contrary to the flashy on-screen graphics, the controls were simplified to adapt to mobile devices. With a handful of buttons, players, even the ones who are unfamiliar with this genre, could fully enjoy the fun of racing.

The fast-paced competitive design, around 1 minute per round, allows players to devote themselves to speedy races whenever and wherever they are. Dominate the circuit by ramming, drifting, and speeding your way to the finish line.

Circuits presenting worldwide fascinating landscapes are one of the most satisfying experiences in Ace Racer. Players could select circuits from Los Angeles, Shanghai, Tokyo, Nevada, California, etc., and sprint to their heart’s content through world-famous sightseeing spots and beautiful scenery.

Stunning scenery is not the only thing showing the game’s photo-realistic graphics. Customizing and driving actual car models from famous auto manufacturers such as Porsche and Nissan are other exciting methods to play.

The game includes more than 100 official models from over 25 renowned carmakers, including authentic Porsche 911, Nissan GT-R, etc. Players could not only use dreamful luxury cars to fill the garage, customizing them with paint, stickers, wheels, and lights. Kitting out the car, even with a personal license plate, becoming the coolest racer on the circuit, and enjoying a unique driving experience.

Experience extra thrills of high-speed driving with the unique three vs. three battle mode. Team up with friends and race away while selecting different roles, such as speeder, supporter, or blocker.

Fantastic in-game milestone awards have been prepared for players who pre-register. Rewards include ten tickets that can be used for lotteries for luxury cars, stylish helmets, Aston Martin DB11 paint, British campus-style fashion, and more, so don’t forget to pre-register via the official website. All pre-registration awards will be notified via in-game mail after the game's official release.

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